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AVHC Preservation Projects: Patient Library (Building 120)

The Patient Library was erected in 1880 and was originally used as the Quartermaster's Building. In 1891, it was converted into a library to house the Putnam and Thomas Libraries. Both Libraries were originally kept in the Headquarters Building when the libraries accumulated so many volumes that space was at a minimum and more space was needed.

The first floor was used as a reading room and circulation area. The Putnam Library was placed on the second floor and the Thomas Library was placed on the third floor. The new building provided the space needed for the growing collection of books. By 1905, there were a combined number of 24,524 books in the libraries.

Several improvements were made to the Library. In 1904 the south wing was completed and a cement floor was put in the basement. In 1937 the east porch was remodeled with the removal of the original wooden supports and replacement with the brick columns. New pipe rails were also installed. In 1955 a brick porch, a concrete ramp, and pipe railings were added to the west wing of the building.

The Patient Library was used as a library until it closed in May 2000. The building was rededicated in April 2003 for use by the American Veterans Heritage Center, and in January 2007, the Miami Valley Military History Museum opened here. In addition to the Museum and AVHC office, the building is also the meeting place for several other groups, including the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.